Yes , you underestimated your brain when you took tension about your exams or things which could have been resolved without much extra efforts.Basically there are two types of perspective to handle your job or any work pending .The first one is local perspective .In local perspective you prioritize things to be difficult. Apparently the term ‘difficult’ seems really difficult but it is actually not. Discover your mind , It is made to give thousands of solutions to your problem.No problem in the world is bigger than your mind’s capability to resolve it.Having local perspectives often narrow you thinking and your capabilities.

The second type of perspective is global perspective. When you take your mind through global perspective every problem is small for you.It develops your mind and inspire you to tackle difficulties in a smart manner.I have drawn this inspiration from a real time example I faced when I was studying in a branch of a IITJEE coaching centre with limited number of people.IITJEE is one of the most reputed exams in India.So being a small branch of a smart coaching centre it had very few IIT aspirants.Our topper use to get some 180/360 and I had my limits till 160 marks no matter how hard I worked.Later I shifted to the main branch headquarters of the same coaching centre.There I found people getting marks with no limits like some guy living next to my room in my hostel use to get some 340 marks out of 360.I didn’t put any extra effort that I used to put when I was earlier but this time my marks improved to be around like 220 out of 360.I had started to put some smart effects on my study.

Places where there is no limitations with innovative ideas and inventions shape your mind in a proper manner.People around you also influence your mind.They have the ability to control your mind to set its limitations .One of my friend he is a social media celebrity who has some thousand of followers in top websites like Facebook,Instagram and others.He told me told me that he was influenced by people who already had thousands of followers.He thought how those people made themselves.He wanted to give a try and a way developed automatically which made him reach that height.Same is the case with thousands of successful people who made their mind to give ‘atleast’ a try to achieve their dreams and succeeded.Certainly , our mind and their minds are infinite but they have a realization of  it .


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