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Connections, They happen out of blue when you least expect it. There is no time to think what is happening with you but you know beyond the physical relation you have came across,there is someone who mirrors your soul. Yes it surely took you long to happen to me but you did finally and i am blessed for this. I know i am difficult a lot of days ,i may have heavy mood swings, I may stay irritated and yell at you a lot of times but believe me  you are that one thing i can never give upon. What we have is not that of a kind which you toss carelessly . At this point i don’t care if i am being foolish , so just know i am gonna stick forever. I am right here to stay forever. P.S. – I Love You Endlessly.

I don’t know how or when but somewhere down the road we became a part of each other , we didn’t even have to try. And I know I speak what is in your mind and you finish my sentences. I know I have said it thousands of time but its not enough . There is no such thing as enough , not for us for sure.

I know you think the things we say too often lose their value. But everytime i hear your voice my heart starts racing and beats faster , everything goes away and i feel safe and calm. You asked me to confide in you ,to hide in you. Trust me this is what i am doing all along. You have no idea everytime we talk i wish the screen gets disappeared and i could get to feel the same air as yours. The first thing i get to see is you smiling at me with your chipped tooth every morning. I Love You

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