In  life there are many circumstances you come across when you have to do things which you actually do not want to. Suppose you go to a urban city market full of all kinds of shops, some big and some really small.You want to help the guys in the small shop by buying things from them because they are poor and investing on their products will be generous .You usually don’t buy from them because you stereotype big market products to have better quality and you did not realize the fact that both of the shops were selling same products at the same price.

Let me take examples of things between group of people.You like someone and you really want to confess it to him/her but you don’t because you are afraid that by telling you might lose that person or any possible change of attitude .You people end up with deep feelings unsaid.Another case is you have to choose between two of your friends in a heated argument .You know that one of your friend is wrong but still you support him because he has helped you  in the past or is of higher significance for you.Similarly a group of your friends are mocking only a single friend . You know its wrong but you cant resist yourself making fun of him.You always try to be  kind to all people around you but there are some guys who just always come when they are in need of you.When they come and ask for help your heart asks you to help them again but your mind refuses in the argument.In all the things i have discussed explains how people become confused so often in different situations.

If you are a kind of person  who become frequently confused in life then you must know how you should act according to the situation by keeping others happy and meanwhile satisfying your judgements.I am talking about a person who listens to his heart without ignoring his mind.Remind you people who follow their mind may be successful in their life but its your heart that makes you memorable to everyone.






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