This is 2017 . Every single day the world is becoming more systematic with everyone competing to be better than the best . Sometimes i think that in this world there are millions like me what should i do that will make me different from them . I do not want to be “Different” , I want to be “Better” . Obviously I am a human too and my life is simple as most of the people . So where is the change ? the difference i was talking about ? . Yes , It is in the way I represent myself to people i meet in my daily life .

I want to share with you people the different things people notice in you that sets your impression in front of them. The first is “The Arrival”. This is the phase when at first your eye contact matches with the person with whom you are going to meet . A smile with confidence is the most proper way to greet this situation . The way you walk towards that person will decide topics that the other person will talk . If you walk in a improper manner , there is a probability that the other person will think bad about you or might make fun of you . If you walk in a relaxed manner , the other person  feel casual and talk about daily life . If you walk in a formal manner , the other person will also have a short and formal talk with you .

Now you have reached to that person , Next very important thing is how you greet that person . There are many ways of greeting – handshake , kiss , hug or just saying a “hello” politely . A “hello” works in every situation whether formal or informal .Giving  Hug can create instant closeness between you and that person but your hug should be gentle and good . Giving kiss in the first meeting is not a very acceptable manner in world etiquette , it depends on place . Like in western countries hug and gentle kiss while meeting is treated acceptable while in some Asian countries people usually greet with handshake . Now your way of giving handshake also gives people judgement about you . If you hold hand in a very relaxed manner , it gives a impression that you are ignorant of what people will think of you . If you hold tight , it gives a impression that you are proud or rude . A gentle hold is the most polite manner.


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