A proper conversation is very important in every case no matter it is just a casual conversation or when setting up important business deals. Well i have some tips for you which you can apply in your daily life conversations that will make you sound more sensible while having conversation and ultimately will create a good impression .

When you are talking to someone notice their toes , if they  face towards you that means that person is interested in talking to you . If they do not then it must be like the other person is just doing his job being formal . While talking your shoulders should be straight which denotes confidence . Do not make too much of eye expressions , it is not a comfortable gesture . Control your leg . Too much of leg movements denotes nervousness .

Your eyes speaks a lot . Having eye to eye contact is very important . It generates interest in the other person to talk to you . A smile in face is very polite and gentle gesture . Talk about things that get you lead . By lead i mean things that relate you to other different topics . A silence of more than 2 minutes is not accepted . If you do not find any topic it is always better to say adieu and leave .

There are many manners of leaving and saying goodbye .While learning my etiquette lessons i found a good video in youtube which is entirely based on saying goodbye .  Here is the Link :


7 thoughts on “Why etiquette and proper body language is important – The Talking Guy .

  1. Great post! It is so important to make a good impression on others, I believe. Etiquette is dwindling away in popular culture because everyone uses their phone constantly. #thenewaccessory I think it is so rude to be on your phone when you are in a conversation with someone, no matter what you are doing…there is just no etiquette when it comes to carrying a conversation anymore.

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